FaceCode - Developer interviewing tool

The problem

Conducting remote technical interviews of programmers was a pain-point for recruiters. The video calling tools like Google meet, Skype & Zoom help in seeing the candidate and having an F2F round. But real-time evaluation of their coding skills was not possible.

Face to Face coding

Real-time collaborative coding tool along with video interview feature was the solution. Did the basic desk research and listed the components required for a technical interview process.

  • Questions
  • Collaborative Programming interface
  • Audio & Video chat

Along the way

There were 2 user buckets for the product - recruiters and candidates. Did user research and interviewed potential users to get an understanding of the users, their pain-points and validated the idea and product features to match with the user requirements. 

Discussed and debated on the flow and wireframes to reach conclusions.

Some sample wireframes are given below.

We launched the first version. Here is a snapshot of the first version which went live.

Version 1

Our existing customers were happy with the new product and we received a lot of feedback which led to the design of second version of the product. No new features were added but we reanalysed the importance of all features and enhanced the layout with better prioritisation of components.

Version 2
Fullscreen - added in the second version

Components were redesigned with better UI