CodeMonk v2.0

What is Codemonk?

Code Monk is a weekly series for anyone who wants to improve their programming skills. Every week, user get access to detailed tutorials on programming topics like Algorithms, Data Structures, and Maths. At the end of each week, there is a programming contest to test your knowledge of each topic. For some topics, depending on their difficulty, users will have 2 weeks to prepare for the contest.

My Role

Codemonk v1 was just a series of tutorials named 'Codemonk' in which each tutorial is unlocked in a week and Hackerearth organised challenges based on the tutorial every week. There was no interlinking between the challenges and the tutorial list in the platform. I was assigned to design the flow to combine the challenges and tutorials.

The new experience was crafted by me. You can check the work here. The entire product, which includes the landing page, tutorial listings, individual tutorial pages and the visuals were designed by me.